Loneliness is an uncomfortable and often painful state and usually linked with feelings of sadness, loss and emptiness.

To be happy we need intimate bonds:

We need to be able to confide, we need to feel like belong, we need to be able to get support and give support. Infact strong relationship are key – perhaps the key – to a happy life.

Loneliness may emanate out of any of the following:

  • New situation loneliness – new city, new job, new school. You see unfamiliar faces and you’re lonely.
  • I’am different loneliness – faith, territory, language or ideology.
  • No sweet heart loneliness absences of intimate attachment of a romantic partner.
  • No animal loneliness.
  • Not time for me loneliness: You find people are too busy in their lives.
  • Untrust worthy friends loneliness when you doubt that your friends are well intentioned kind and helpful.
  • Quiet presence loneliness
  • Chronic loneliness is often caused by an intense ongoing sense of disconnection from other.
  • Loneliness has far-reaching impact on your health and happiness
  • Depression, hostility and loneliness are a major cause of stress. It is of urgent need that you address this before it manifests in your physiology in a negative form.
  • The best way to counter loneliness is to make a plan, focus on what makes you happy, explore your faith, bond with a dog, have realistic standards, think beyond yourself, watch a movie, limit social networking, set a goal and follow it with passion. Read on goal setting seek expert advice to plan more realistically and practically.
  • The Ramayana Rightly says “If you want to be happy, Be”

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