Balance for working parents

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Parents are the first teachers in a childs life and play a pivotal role in shaping their adult lives. In this modern era, where the costs of raising and supporting a family are so high that, to survive financially, both parents must work. But when it comes to raising your child, proper planning is very important, as this parent-child relationship has to face a positive and negative impact. In joint families, the upbringing of the children is very easy even if the parents are working, but when it comes to nuclear families then raising your child becomes more difficult. There is more disposable income for the parents to spend on the child but less time to engage effectively with their children. So, the parents should spend some quality time with their children as the time is irreplaceable and invaluable. It has a huge impact on their lives and can help you achieve the equilibrium to raise your child successfully while you work. And there are some more ways to strengthen your bond, like you can adjust your job timings and working life, have the childs grandparents at Home, hire a babysitter or keep your children busy with hobbies.

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