Kids exposure to electronic media

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Kids consumption of electronic media is increasing day by day, it is leading to the technology addiction among children. The electronic media has demonstrated potentially profound effects, both positive and negative, on childrens cognitive, social, and behavioral development. Nowadays we all observe that this generation kids are highly exposed to screens due to easy access to mobile phones and popularly the social networking. In this era we can't keep ourselves or our children away from these devices so we can try to minimise the impact of these devices on our children. It will be widely accepted that if we have to write a letter, minor spelling mistakes would occur as we are habitual of typing. And auto correct makes it more difficult to remember the spellings of exact word. Similarly, if kids are getting used to mobile phones then there are number of factors that affect a childs ability to learn. Children learn a lot of things in their early age, as the first two years of a childs life is a crucial time for their overall development. Hence, too much of kids exposure to electronic media will affect the way they think and act. We need to find ways to optimize the role of media in our society, taking advantage of their positive attributes and minimizing their negative ones. We need to understand better how to reverse the negative impact of electronic media and make it more positive.

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