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Who am I? What is it that keeps me going? I've failed so many times, but I'm not a failure. I strive to reach great heights, but is my willpower enough? The world calls me pretty, but I feel ugly. What has shaped my perception, each of us tend to ask ourselves similar questions and the answers to them lie within us-our image. We often hear the statement-'you must appear confident, or else the world will take you for ride' So how do we 'appear' confident? We become assertive and sometimes aggressive with our tone, we try to get associated with people of a higher social status than us, we look impeccable, we never accept that we are wrong and make a display of our power wherever we can. Sounds like a confident person? No. these are exactly what a confident person is not. Confidence is a trait/quality which has to be developed from within, you just cannot 'appear' confident you have to 'be' confident and 'feel' confident about yourself and your life. Not all of us are born with it but saying that 'I had a troubled childhood' or 'It's hereditary' or even 'I do not have a support system' doesn't solve the problem. As human beings, we have to realise our own power of 'free will' to change ourselves, to talk to ourselves, to monitor our own thoughts and then act the way we want. We have the power to imagine, to visualise ourselves the way we want to. If confidence is our goal, we have to be able to visualise ourself as a satisfied and emotionally stable being-in other words, have a positive self image.

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