Fostering friendship

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Friendship is the strong interpersonal bond of mutual affection between people. Friendship plays a very important role in the life of a human because it is the basis for the healthy existence for us as a social animal. Camaraderie starts from a very early age, it is the duty of the guardian to inculcate the right understanding of a good comradeship. Children should be taught about the things the one faces when the children in friendship with anyone be, all the pros and cons of friendship should be told and they should be encourage to have a good friendship bond with each other. Even as adults we need to understand what is the basic idea of this togetherness. We always that as an adult we stay alone or allof but it is not true at some point or another we need someone who we trust on, with whom we can express our feelings and emotions or whichever condition we are going through. We need a friend not only in difficult times bit also when we need to celebrate our happiness, but we stay alone we wont have neither in our good times nor in our happy ones.

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