Inferiority complex

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Inferiority complex, a psychological sense of inferiority that is wholly or partly unconscious. A feeling that you are not as good, as intelligent, as attractive, etc. as other people.. Feeling inferior can mean many things, but the crux is that you feel lesser than someone for any number of reasons. Whether someone has more money, power, or happiness than you. Without these feelings of inadequacy, we wouldn′t find the desire to better ourselves. It is essential for personal growth to some extent. For some people, this can become a motivating factor. They use feelings of inferiority to push them to become better-performing individuals. In most cases, this feeling of inferiority is short-lived; we bounce back from those negative feelings, and it causes us to work harder. People with inferiority complex usually don′t feel good enough, and they express hypersensitivity.

Here are some ways that will help you to get rid of an Inferiority Complex:

  • ● Stay kind to yourself.
  • ● Surround yourself with people who uplift you.
  • ● Recognise your strengths.
  • ● Talk to yourself better
  • ● Find your priorities, find your happiness.

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