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it's not the load that breaks you down, but the way you carry it' Ever wondered why Indira Nooyi, Bill gates, Ratan Tata and those of their likes could but most people cannot. It's not that successful people have everything handed on a silver platter to them, they work hard for it. They face obstacles, rejections, criticism and even failure but they overcome it. What then separates the success stories from the others. Successful people are usually not stressed- yes they do have work and family, have their set of problems as well but they choose not to get stressed but instead make the best out of the given situation. We tend to use the word `stress' very casually in our conversations these days implying that it is normal and part of our daily lives- and for us to live better lives we must get over this misconception. Stress is our response to situations- an outside situation cannot cause stress but your thoughts can. Instead of feeling defeated or angry at every adversity that comes our way, we have to make it an opportunity to improve ourselves.

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