Assess Your Skills And Interest With The Help Of Career Counselling

Career choice; it is one of the important decisions made throughout life. With the choice of profession, the individual decides what job, where and how he/she wants to spend the rest of his life.

Many people may be anxious and indecisive during the decision making process. This anxiety, which is usually experienced by high school and university students, is also often felt by adults.

While students are worried about their choice of field, adults start to question their unhappy work life and the profession they thought they had made wrongly in the past, but they may not decide what action they should take regarding this issue, although they are unhappy with their economic returns.

In professional interest and career counselling, people’s interests are revealed, the degree of suitability of their personalities to these interests is examined and the decision-making process of the person is supported.


In this process, objective and subjective personality tests and professional interest inventories are used and the person is guided within the scope of the results.

The influence of personality on the profession is very important. For example, an extrovert and sociable person may not enjoy enough working at the computer all day; however, an introverted individual who does not like sociability may be happy to have a desk job.

When the activities carried out by the professions, the ideal employee portfolio, personality traits and interests of the client are evaluated within this scope, it is possible to achieve the person/profession harmony.

While it is extremely common to wait to graduate from university for career planning, take action much sooner for successful career planning.

New graduates can go through a difficult process, especially if they have not done an internship before and have not thought about business life.

On the other hand, people who have discovered their abilities thanks to the tests applied from the age of 6 and planned their future in accordance with these abilities, starting from their education, are quickly successful.

According to international research and education council, career counselling generally helps a person to identify his goals in life, what he wants to do and why. Thus, targets and expectations are determined and a route is drawn accordingly.

At this stage, Counselling for Students is provided considering the place where the person lives or the place where he/she wants to live, and the expectations of the period in which he/she will start working.

Globalization and the development of technology can be decisive

While people are making their career plans, choosing a profession has become much more difficult in the globalizing world.

Moreover, the rapid development of technology can greatly increase the alternatives and complicate the decision process.

With the emergence of professions that have become specialized and diversified around certain areas, the need for professional support has increased, in order for people to discover the most suitable career for themselves.

Why is it essential to go for career counselling?

When you apply for best counselling in career growth that supports personal development to determine the right job, the right company- or initiative- your interests, skills, trends and needs are analysed.

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