Career Counselling For A Future Of Better Opportunities

Every now and again there is a clamouring of parents, neighbours and even close friend circles about what career path is “he” or “she” is going to take. Much as it seems that the concerns are genuine and given serious thoughts to, it also adds to the pressure of finding success at the earliest. To allay these unwanted, the need for career counselling comes into play.

Because of societal pressure and peer expectations when it comes to choosing an “acceptable profession”, it has become a norm in today’s competitive and cut-throat environment that students often harbour guilt for pursuing their own interests. Career counselling is a constructive process to shape up a student’s career effectively and allows them to realize their true potential and find work that aligns with their natural inclinations.

Self-Discipline Management

The best time to give students an exposure to the idea of career counselling is when they are at the start of their degree programs. Career counselling is not a magic wand or quick fix. One has to be involved in a process which is based on time and understanding as the counsellor needs to get attuned to the capabilities of each student.

A student’s mind amidst all the misleading suggestions calls for proper guidance through qualified career counsellors. Academic institutions regularly hire psychologists as career counsellors. However, more and more academic institutions are hiring experienced professionals from the corporate arena to serve as counsellors and mentors to guide students. What it does is that the student grows in confidence to better understand the need for a certain career, which makes it much easier to determine if that career path aligns with their personal career goals.  Students often fall prey to the unrealistic expectations of certain fields due to the pressure mounted on them. Getting corporate professionals for career guidance can help them to better understand the realities of a certain career. Moreover, the timely choice of career can save valuable time which otherwise gets wasted by even a year or two due to enrolment in a certain course.

Once a career choice is made by a student, a counsellor can also help the students in self-discipline management. Counsellors can well and truly be the guiding lights in helping the students connect with their interests and possible career paths. This guidance is a supplement to the knowledge students’ gain through their academic pursuits.

Career counselling is fairly effective in teaching the students to make sound financial decisions. Some courses add to the financial burden and students take it upon themselves to clear them soon as possible. Counsellors help students gain a foothold by teaching them about the process involved instability and debt repayment, which allows students to pay off their obligations in an efficient manner.

The need of students counselling cannot be undermined in present times as nearly every field of studies has become a rat race of sorts. To bolster a student’s willpower to succeed, it is important they undergo emotional conditioning.

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